Must-Have Items for your African and Caribbean Inspired Homes

This year, 2020, has been nothing short of surreal, especially for the black communities worldwide. Whether it be Kobe Bryant’s death, coronavirus disproportionately affecting ethnic minorities, or the numerous deaths of black civilians reigniting the Black Lives Matter protests – it’s fair to say things have been harsh. Although we’re still in lockdown, the one thing we hope to look forward to is good weather. However, being from the UK, the chances are the weather will throw a further dampener on the mood, meaning even more time indoors. Bored and searching for something to do? Want to refresh your space for mental health purposes? Working from home and want a change of scenery? Want to surprise your friends and family with a new look for the home? Whatever the reason, assuming you won’t be leaving your home anytime soon, now is the best time to give your personal space a little refresher. Here are some great product recommendations to help you revamp your home.


This piece of artwork is majestic, both in its beauty and detail. Inspired by black and afro hairstyling, the picture is designed to draw the viewer’s eye to the female subject’s hair. Furthermore, the image only features two colors, white and black, with the hair being colored black for its contrast against the white background, again drawing the viewer to focus on the hair. Black women are sometimes marginalized because of their hair, whereas this picture does the contrary and celebrates black women’s hair. A stunning stylistic piece that every black woman should proudly have hanging in their living room.

Black Coconut Candle

Coconut plays such a massive part of Caribbean culture, even if we don’t realize it. Palm trees, coconut water, grater cake, rice and peas, coconut oil for the skin – all these things are synonymous with the Caribbean, and all are derivatives of coconut. But, another thing about coconut, often overlooked, is its sweet, poignant smell. All familiar with the scent, it induces warmth, comfort, and homeliness – a scent that reminds us of the Caribbean. Your holiday plans might be on hold because of travel restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little Caribbean in your home. Made from coconut wax and non-toxic oils, this aromatic candle by House of Kace can burn for up to 60 hours and is the perfect addition to your home his summer.

Ankara Adult ‘Kente’ Apron

As a working mum, it can be difficult to put aside quality time for your children. With many of us working from home, work-life balance can be even more challenging than what it was before. We’ve all been there, and it’s not fun. It’s tough, but the lockdown has made it possible to spend more quality team with your children, so take the time to do activities with them. After all, later in life, you won’t regret not having worked more, but you will regret not spending more quality time with your children. If you’re stuck for ideas, cooking is a great option. Baking rum cake? Cooking Bunny Chow? Brewing some Guinness punch? Regardless, you’ll want to keep your outfit clean with apron’s essential to wear in the kitchen. We have a ride range of aprons that are African themed, but the range by A Slice of Ankara is particularly special. All of the aprons are handmade, durable, and aesthetically appealing. However, if we had to recommend just one of the aprons, it would have to be the ‘Kente‘ apron. Beautifully designed in Ankara wax print with a multitude of bold colors bringing it to life, the apron comes in both adult and children sizes and is a must-have item for any kitchen.

Rise and Slay Cup

Now that summer is here, a sweet cold Rum Punch cocktail would probably be the preferred drink over a warm cup of coffee. The thing is, we’re in the UK where the sun isn’t guaranteed, and cold nights are not uncommon. In that case, a warm cup of coffee would be the preferred choice over the cocktail. Plus, with many of us now working from home, cups of coffee will be necessary to get us through the day, regardless of the weather! So why not drink your coffee in style. The mug you drink from is often a statement piece and says something about the person we are. Personalized mugs are big business. As a black woman, it can be a struggle to find a mug that resonates. However, the Rise and Slay cup makes the challenge much more straightforward. A simple design, the mug features a black female wearing a headwrap and black shades, a look many of us know. Snap up this limited edition cup before someone else does. 

Ciru Throw Cushion

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable, especially if you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain. Anything that makes our lives that little bit easier, while being affordable and looking good is essential. This throw cushion by Jiggys Maison is precisely the necessary item you are searching for. Super comfortable and fantastic to look at, the Ciru cushion is named after the Kikuyu tribes of Central Kenya. The front is colored white, with Maasai patterns woven into it. The back is a delicious yellow mustard color, which makes the design stand out against any sofa. Another item that your home needs today.

4 Placemats and 4 Coasters – Okra

The typical family consists of 2 adults and 2 children, and for most families, dinner time is when everyone gets together. You could be gossiping, discussing weekend plans, or having a heated debate. No matter the topic, the dinner table is the meeting place to bond. Thus, it is important to have a dining table that personifies the family, especially as the food served will often be food from your heritage. Elegantly designed, these 4 placements and 4 coasters by Village and Home have pictures of Okra plastered all over them and are the perfect accompaniment to the traditional food you know and love.

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