Our vision

Ebonyx (a blend of Ebony and Onyx, and a reference to black vernacular, ebonics) is a marketplace for items that are Afrocentric in nature or inspired by Afrocentrism. Our view and purpose in promoting Afrocentrism is to further inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration for everyone regardless of their culture or background.

Our founders Ashley and Lucan started the website in early 2019 after coming across a problem which wasn’t unique to them – where do you find products that are made for people of African diaspora? Lucan had recently moved into his new home and wanted to decorate his house with African and Caribbean features and ornaments – like what could be found at his mom’s house. When asking his mom where he could find such items, to his surprise she didn’t know! Searching online, although other marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon did feature such items, their generalised mass markets meant there was a lot of irrelevant product recommendations making the user experience long and frustrating. After searching the web, it became apparent that there weren’t really any solutions to their problem and so they decided to try and it themselves – and so here we are today.

Craftsmanship. We only partner with quality.

Culture. All items on site are inspired by afrocentrism.

Community. Inclusive discussions for everyone.

Charity. Orders of £25+ will fund a child’s parasite cure.