75 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Shop Today

75 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Shop Today

Amidst the political unrest and the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement recent protests have been one of the most significant talking points of the year with calls for social, political, and economic changes. Although there are many ways to show support and solidarity with black people, one of the easiest and most impactful ways is to buy from black businesses. There are more than 3 million black people in the UK, with only around 7% of the black population being business owners. On the flip side, though, this means there are at least 200,000 black businesses where you can spend your money. However, Like many, you’re probably unsure of where to find these black businesses to support. No worries though, we’ve compiled a list of 75 black-owned online UK businesses that can be shopped right here on Ebonyx. A small drop in the ocean, but it’s a start. 

The A-Z List:

ankara print oven mitts for kitchen

Made by an African mother, to a daughter of African and Caribbean heritage, A slice of Ankara is a special brand that will resonate with almost everyone. For children, cooking is one of the best ways to bond with their parents and teaches them how to be independent. Food can also be a great way to educate children about the importance of identifying, embracing, and celebrating black culture. The brand recognises the importance of this past time, and have developed a beautiful range of African inspired aprons, oven mitts, and chef hats. 

Three pair of feet with colorful bamboo dress socks against blue background

We all love a good pair of socks, some more than others (yes, we’re talking about you strange people who sleep with socks on). Massively underrated, socks, like underwear, are an essential part of a person’s outfit. Nothing feels better than slipping your feet into a warm and comfy pair of socks on a cold winter morning. Yet, so few of us invest in a good pair of socks. However, Akuko’s premium bamboo sock range can change that. The premium range of socks comes in various sizes, with all socks intricately woven using ankara and kente style patterns and colours.  

painting of black woman holding her heart close to her chest

When we came across Amja’s fine art, we were delighted by the beauty in her work, and after we knew of her story, we were even more determined to showcase her talent to the world. Like most artists, Amja’s work is inspired by her personal life, with themes of domestic abuse explored. Encouraging, empowering, breathtaking. Every woman needs Amja’s artwork in their homes as a point of inspiration. 

a silhouette of an African woman's head

Another artist the world needs to see is from the shop Angelicapoems and Art. Anjelica’s art is unique, and you will probably not find anything like it anywhere else in the world. Through wood carvings, Anjelica creates beautiful silhouettes of maps and African people. Check out her artwork for outstanding pieces that will look great in anyone’s home. 

bamboo infused face oil

Asili Gold Skin has a substantial range of cosmetic items designed to make your skin glow. The range includes skin-tightening and anti-ageing oils, body butter’s, and lip balms. All ingredients are handmade from natural products and are free from any artificial nasties. Ingredients include coconut oil, lavender, tea tree oil, and more skin-friendly ingredients. 

mug with black females face

As British folk, we all love a cup of tea. Considering that the UK is usually cold, a sweet hot drink in the evenings is a warm welcome more often than not. To satisfy that thirsty quench, you’ll need a mug fit for the occasion, and Aviladiana is the perfect shop to source your mug. Offering personalised gifts, you can find a range of items on their shop page with personalised mugs being one of their most popular offerings.

black man wearing denim streetwear jacket

One of the most exciting menswear brands to come out of the UK, Axum has infused streetwear with traditional African ankara wax prints. Catering to males and females, you can browse their shop to find tees, jackets, headbands, and much more. Expect to find unique designs such as their Skinny Denim Jacket, which comes in Black with multi-coloured paint splashes and ankara styled seams. 

premium purse in blue and kente patterns

BAMI is a fashion label that oozes sophistication, elegance, and class. Presently, their range focuses on women’s accessories such as handbags, passport holders, and keyrings. All designs have their distinct kente patterns woven through them and contrasted with the big, bold, bright colours such as red, yellow, and blue, further reinforces the elegance and sophistication of the brand. Priced at a premium, expect quality that will last you a lifetime. 

red reptile print handbag

Bakwai is all about bags, and my gosh are their bags incredibly gorgeous. Subtle and bold colours form the collection, with all bags featuring the brands signature reptile prints. Traditionally seen as a sign of wealth, reptile prints are a firm favourite amongst fashionistas, and Bakwai’s range is the perfect accessory for fashion-conscious women. Sourcing all its materials from Nigeria, Bakwai supports black-businesses along the whole supply chain. 

yoni pearls for women

Every woman wants to look and feel their best, and taking care of your feminine intimates is part of this. Founded in 2019, Beltra Beauty specialises in a range of holistic healthcare products and treatments that have been expertly created to make your yoni area feel fresh, soothed, and pampered. Products are made from natural ingredients and include yoni steam bags, pearls, and moisturisers.

black woman wearing t shirt celebrating being black

Beyond Black is a female fashion brand that has never been more relevant than right now. Aptly named, the brand sells a range of t-shirts and hoodies which celebrate black female empowerment. Notable apparel includes the Black Science Tee, where the word ‘Black’ is spelt using the periodic table, and the Solidarity Hoodie, which displays a black power fist and comes in a variety of colours. If you’re thinking of protesting and showing support for the Black Lives Matter Movement, the garments made by Beyond Black can be a subtle yet powerful way of showing support. 

ankara styled face masks for coronavirus

If you’re looking for beautifully handcrafted fashion and technology accessories made for the working professional, BijouCREATES have a selection of items to satisfy your need. Already underrepresented in white-collar jobs, many black people, unfortunately, feel they can’t be themselves if they are to fit in. However, the custom kente and monochromic laptop bags can showcase your West African culture without needing to say a word.
With their latest product, the brand has pivoted away from targeting the working professional, instead catering to the PPE shortage by creating facemasks as the UK government has made a face mask compulsory to wear in supermarkets and shops. Their facemasks come in many different colours and are affordably priced. Snap yours up before they sell out. 

gold coloured face glow will leave you with beautiful skin

Fit for Kings and Queens, the Boosni Boutique cosmetics range scream opulence, decadence, and elegance. The products come in luxury brown packaging, but the real ‘wow’ factor is when you open the lid and see the glowing gold colours glistening back at you. A sustainable and conscious brand, the founders of Afro-Caribbean background grew up appreciating the power of natural ingredients and extracts, with this reflected in their collection. All products are vegan-friendly, animal-cruelty free, and every effort made to reduce packaging. Shop for face masks, body scrubs, serums, and more. 

olive oil and green tea shampoo to leave hair looking and feeling fabulous

It might be cliché, but Care Online cares about your hair. If you’re one of the millions of black women who struggle to find hair products that are light, nourishing, and undamaging, Care Online might be the solution for you. With a mission to stop black women using unsafe and unnatural hair care products, their signature Olive Oil and Green Tea Shampoo is full of natural ingredients that unlock immense growth and strength in your hair.

delicious baobab jam foods selection

Black people are known for creating delicious dishes, with there being plenty of African and Caribbean restaurants and takeaways all over the UK. However, there are not many black-owned food brands. Chosan is one of a handful of brands looking to buck this trend with their collection of tasty jams. As part of their Baobab Jam Gift selection, you can treat yourself to Chocolate spread, Banana and Baobab Jam, Baobab Jam with Ginger, and Orange and Baobab Jam. Yummy.

christian book on how to have a happy sex life

If you thought Christian Books & Things is a brand with Christianity at its core, you would be right. Find fashion, literature, and many other things with other uplifting messages on their shop page.

cowrie shell earring

Ciluw Creations are a brand with a ton of inventory and products on offer. Specialists in jewellery, you’ll find bracelets and anklets on their shop page. However, the bulk of their range is trendy and beautiful earrings at super affordable prices. All jewellery is created individually, and considering the extensive inventory is safe to say the founders are passionate about the items they make. Whether you want jewellery for casual wear, professional environments, or formal occasions, Ciluw Creations will undoubtedly have something for you. 

cocoa shea whipped butter for skin

A skincare brand, Cocoa Skincare have a bunch of products formulated to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and elastic. Based on scientific research, the combination of ingredients is proven to reduce blemishes and uneven skin tone. Ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, and water. Furthermore, their oils, soaps, and body butter’s are vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free. 

candle set of three

Cornucopia Emporium is a black-owned brand with a huge collection of candles and candle equipment. On their shop page you can find sage bundles, incenses, wax melts, candles, candle lighters and much more. A one stop-shop to discover a range of candle products, make sure you check them out.

african luxury skincare moisturiser

A premium and luxury skincare brand, Corrine are experts in skincare suitable for darker complexions. Their flagship product, the African Pearl Luxury Body Butter deeply penetrates the skin, leaving it moisturised without being greasy. African and Caribbean people often struggle to find moisturisers that are good for the skin and so this body butter is highly recommended.

leave in conditioner for taming frizzy afro hair

Shampooing, conditioning, and maintaining curly hair can be a real pain to get right. While there are plenty of brands that have emerged in recent years, not many have perfected the formula the way Curl Flo has. Curly hair connoisseurs, the female-led team, have spent countless hours getting their products right for their target market. After using the Curl Flo range, you’ll become hooked in no time, and soon everyone will be asking you what your secret is. 

handmade a5 african ankara notebook

Dami’s Touch is the go-to brand for all your stationery needs. Specialists in handmade crafts, the brand has a selection of offerings for students, working professionals, and writing enthusiasts. Their standout item is the HandmandeAfrican Ankara A5 Notebook, perfect for taking notes. Each notebook is unique and decorated in traditional african wax print. 

orange blossom lotion cream for enriched mositure

If you want to stave away ashy skin, the Danielle & Daisy range has the skincare products you need. Their Vanilla Buttercream is luscious in its smell and application and will leave your skin feeling smooth and well-nourished. The Sheabutter Bodybutter is a customer favourite with the long-lasting moisture it unlocks for your skin. Gentle enough for children too, the Danielle & Daisy range should be a permanent fixture in everyone’s skincare regime. 

gold plated africa ghana pendent

Africans are very proud peoples, and the patriotism runs deep in their veins. It is usually easy to identify an African person, simply because a flag representing their country of birth can be found somewhere close by. Whether in their homes, in their cars, or on their clothing, a flag will appear somewhere. Danquah understands this deep patriotism better than most and has created a range of necklaces, with flags as the centrepiece pendant. Find a variety of countries represented in their collection, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and more. All jewellery pieces are 24k gold plated and do not tarnish.

coronavirus face mask with map of africa

A fashion brand for the stylish millennial female, Dao London produces some of the most unique and diverse garments you will find anywhere. Africa inspires all items with ankara wax print featuring on many of their clothing. Demonstrating the diversity in their range, you can shop face masks with the map of Africa imprinted on them or shop a kente styled corset

Detail Africa Signature Bag

A premium leather fashion brand, Detail Africa is a Nigerian based brand with customers worldwide, including the UK. Their main product is the Detail Africa Signature Bag, ideal for the corporate customer. The bag is made from original leather and offers both style and practicality. Suitable for laptops up to 15″, the bag has many other compartments, perfect for storing documents and equipment that a white-collar professional needs.

black sweatshirt with face and map of africa printed in gold

Duodu London is a fashion brand that infuses traditional African wax print patterns into their modern styled clothing. The brand mostly focuses on male fashion, with many of their products suitable for women. Most of their range is dark in colour, contrasting with the bright colours of the wax print stylings, purposely designed to make the wax print stand out. On their shop page, you’ll find sweatshirts, hoodies, waistcoats, and more. 

rose, jasmine, lavender infused moisturiser

Experts in all things beauty, EdenGreenCo has developed an extensive range of products to have you looking and feeling your best. Chamomile, honey, rose, lavender, herbs – these are just a few of the natural ingredients you can find in the collection. All products are rich, creamy, and full of moisture, and confident their products will leave you wanting more, the brand also offers samples at a minimal price.

leave in conditioner for kids afro hair

Getting a kid’s hair right so that it grows and stays strong can be an arduous and challenging process, even more so if the child’s hair is of an afro texture. However, washing, treating, and maintaining the hair doesn’t have to be so challenging anymore now that Ella’s Kurls have arrived in the market. The Coco Vanilla Mint Scalp Cleanser is an all-in-one solution for your child’s hair with it shampooing and conditioning the hair at the same time. 

beautiful beaded bangle for women

Accessories are often understated pieces to complement outfits and can elevate a look from a 9 to a 10. Elle Kay Beads understand the difference accessories can make, with their simple yet elegant range of beads being the perfect outfit accompaniment. Modestly priced, most of their beads are under £10 with the praises you’ll get being immeasurable.  

beautiful smelling candle for the home

The scented candle market has taken off in recent years, with most people having a scented candle a permanent fixture as part of their home décor. Romantic and calming, there’s something special about how a candle soothes the mood and makes you feel at home. Fade Candles understand the power of a good candle, and they’ve designed a range of scents and wax melts to leave your home smelling delicious. Choices include Sugar and Spice, Riches, and Romance.

baby ankara dribble bib

Shopping for children is hard; shopping for cultural clothing for children is even harder. However, look no further. Falike is a children’s clothing and accessories brand that intertwines traditional African wax print clothing with trendy modern-day styles. Check out their shop page to see some of the cute bibs they stock, perfect for cleaning up your little one’s messiness. 

picture print of black women for the home

A trendy brand on Ebonyx, Finding Eve’s Roots creates beautiful art that highlights the femininity of black women. Most of the artwork uses monochrome colours to contrast the gorgeous features of the black female against her surroundings, with the afro-textured hair often being the centrepiece of the drawings. All drawings come in A3 or A4 sizes and will look great in anyone’s home. 

ankara styled fanny pack

Although the festival season has been put on hold this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t prep for next year. As any keen festival-goer knows, it’s not practical to be pulling around heavy bags full of inventory. Instead, fanny packs are what you need. Fanny packs are small little bags that wrap around the waist and are great for storing all your festival essentials. However, not only are they practical, but they can also be a fashion statement piece. Handmade By EK tap into the festival trend and have created a range of fanny packs coloured brightly and patterned in African wax prints.  

black woman depicted on greeting card

Representation matters, and when it comes to the greeting cards industry, black people and other ethnic minorities are woefully under-represented. Identifying this gap in the market, Handmade by Norma May has created a range of greeting cards that features black people as part of their imagery, with the black lexicon and colloquialisms forming the messages. 

candle perfect for the african and caribbean home

Did you know the sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to memory? As the old proverb goes, ‘home is where the heart is,’ and so it makes sense to buy some candles that fragrant the home to help create long-lasting memories. Each candle from Home Jewels Co is handmade in the founder’s kitchen, with a lot of time, effort, and love poured into each organic soy wax candle

black male wearing green streetwear t-shirt and shorts

Inspired by Muhammed Ali, the greatest boxer to have ever lived, Hood Champ Clothing is a brand with ferocious ambitions. Launched in 2019, the brand has made waves in the fashion scene with various men’s and women’s products. From t-shirts, to tracksuits, to hoodies, and caps, the Hood Champ Clothing label has enough stock to keep you covered. 

black coconut candle for the home

The House of Kace specialises in making scented candles for your home. The brand has two sublime scents to choose from; Black Cherry or Black Coconut. Both delightfully sweet smells, the candles are premium with burn time to last many hours. The candles come in a black casing, which further adds to the luxury feel and is a must-have item.

jamaican flag pendent coated in gold

The ISURA shop has some of the largest collections of African & Caribbean necklaces and pendants anywhere. All pendants come in gold plating, and there are plenty of sizes to choose from, meaning children and adults can find something suitable. Nearly every African and Caribbean country is represented, with popular pieces being the Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Jamaican pendants. 

shampoo for afro textured hair

IVY WILD is a hair company that caters to afro, wavy, and curly hair types. Besides offering essential hair care treatments such as shampoos and conditioners, the brand has you covered with more great products such as edge control and even heat defence sprays. All products will unlock your hair’s inner-fabulousness, mainly down to the ingredients used. Ingredients include Keratin Amino Acids and Argan Oil, and the products are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and gluten. 

self-help book by black female entrepreneur

An experienced professional with years of coaching and mentorship under her belt, Jahmella Robinson has taken the step of producing a book which details her experience and advice. In her book, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, Jahmella shares some anecdotes of her life humorously and insightfully, all in the efforts of helping those who face adversity. 

Ciru throw cushion hand made by Jijjy's Maison. Front white with Masai pattern and yellow mustard back. Pronounced as shiro

An interior accessories designer, Jijjys Maison makes some of the most unique and exquisite cushions anywhere. All items are handmade, with a lot of time, effort, and love going into each one. Highlights include the Ciru Throw Cushion, which features Maasai patterns all over the cushion. To further add to the African theme, the name Ciru comes from the Kikuyu tribes of Central Africa. 

argan oil to leave you skin blemish free

Otherwise known as ‘liquid gold’, Kenzul Atlas’ Argan Oil is 100% pure Organic Argania Kennel Oil. Renown for its moisture and skincare benefits, Kenzul Atlas‘ Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. A product that can help minimise the appearance of scars and blemishes and is a great skincare product, especially for darker complexions. 

African Coiled Vintage Basket

Kezhia Fields stock some of the most outstanding, exquisite, and contemporary collectable items on the internet. The handmade items are sourced from African artisans and created in the African peoples’ traditional ways. The collectable items would look great in someone’s home and are a real statement piece. 

rejuvenating lip balm for black women

A vegan beauty brand that donates some of their profits to social causes, Kitchen Cosmetics can supply you with all your beauty needs. The range includes hair & beard oils, lip balms, and body scrubs. The premium ingredients used will penetrate deep into the skin or hair, leaving you well moistened and nourished. 

Small Black Clay Vessel

A versatile artist, on Lili John’s shop page you’ll find a range of products to add a little flavour to your home. The ‘Akwaaba’ Watercolour painting is one of our favourites, with the watercolour painting depicting a black female with her back turned to the viewer. This particular painting is bright with blues and purples used all over, great for a feature wall. Another of our favourites from Lili John is the Beautiful Unique-Hand Built Black Bud Vase with porcelain and copper gilding. Again, a fabulous piece of art that would look great against a feature wall. 

women's ankara african wax print dress with yellow and blue colours

One of many fashion brands on Ebonyx, Loiscreations offers customers ankara styled dresses, t-shirts, and skirts. Perfect for summer, the Apeke Flare Dress range comes in various colours and patterns with the green, yellow, and blue versions being our favourites. On the other hand, if you would rather have just a skirt or a top, Loiscreations have an excellent range for you. The Asake Pleated Skirt range offers attractive options for skirts, and the Aduke Peplum Top range provides excellent choices for tops. 

Ankara Embrace, Satin Lined Half Head Wrap by Love Jaywa

Love Jaywa is your one-stop shop for all African inspired accessories. For the Love Jaywa team, quality and design are paramount with this ethos evidenced through all their products. The range includes headwraps, hair bobbles, earrings, and much more. All products are suitable for children and adults, with most items appealing more to women than men. Inspired by Africa, expect brightly-coloured ankara and kente patterns to feature on all products. 

wok spice mix

Not many of us are loyal to one brand when it comes to spices and sauces, and it’s no surprise why. While the supermarket range of sauces is good, rarely do you come across new foods that give you that ‘wow’ feeling. Usually, if you want to get the taste right, you either need to eat out, order takeaway, or make the sauces from scratch yourself. However, we’ve found a solution, in the form of LULIU. LULIU is a brand that has created spices, oils, and sauces to give you that ‘wow’ feeling. Whether you need to marinade, bake, fry, or drizzle, the LULIU range will cater to your taste. 

black couple together with his and hers t-shirts

Created by a husband and wife duo, M&O Ltd Merchandise is a fashion brand with ‘togetherness’ as their mantra. The brand creates t-shirts with messages encouraging couples to have healthy relationships. Check out their black and white t-shirts while still in stock.

reggae colours earrings

The African diaspora loves their jewellery, and being colourful and flamboyant is part of the culture. Furthermore, as any African woman knows, earrings are often the centrepiece of all the jewellery pieces. There’s just something elegant and pure about a beautiful set of earrings. MAPENZI understands this better than anyone, with the brand being specialists in earrings. The African Diamond, African Fabric Knot, and African Cloth Fabric are delightful customer favourites. 

nourishing hair care for afro hair types

Devised from six rich plant oils, the Mauyu Nourishing Hair Serum will unlock deep moisture into your hair’s roots, leaving it feeling well-nourished and healthy. The deep treatment provided will also help to restore any damaged hair and can promote hair density and thickness. The six plant oils include coconut, jojoba, and baobab, all renown for working wonders on taming frizzy hair and recovering split ends. 

greeting card with little black boy on the front

Finding greeting cards that reflect the black diaspora can be difficult. The average high-street greeting cards retailer won’t stock many cards depicting black people – a genuine problem, especially if you want to send a personalised card to a child. My Authentic Self is one of the few brands that has seen the lack of representation by greeting card companies, and so they decided to make the greetings cards themselves. Head over to their shop page to find greeting cards fit for any occasion. 

Hot Girl Mink Eyelashes from Nahla Lashes

False eyelashes have become big business over recent years with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Kerry Washington popularising the look. However, false eyelashes are not only for stars but can be for the ordinary girl (or man) for when you’re hitting the town. Nahla Lashes understands the way eyelashes can elevate your style, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary, and so they’ve introduced a range of false lashes you can see here. 

Naturally perfect Sheenas Gold complete set

Achieving the perfect skin is something we all strive for, but unfortunately, not many of us get. While your skin’s condition is mostly down to genetics, there are ways you can bring out your best skin, and a lot of it is to do with the quality of products you choose. However, testing skincare products can be a frustrating process and is often a game of roulette. Naturally Perfect is a skincare brand that understands this frustration, and to combat this has released a skincare set that comes with four different creams for you to choose. Even if most of the set isn’t right, at least one of the cosmetics will be. 

200ml square jar of tropical glow body butter

New Eden is another black-owned cosmetics brand built on ethics. Guided by three principles of being natural, ethical, and honest, you can be confident their products are great for your skin. Most of the ranges product names make references to tropical locations, which is a reminder that your skin will glow after the creams’ application. Discover products such as Tropical Glow Body, Lavendar Dream Body, and Mango Orange Butter

beautiful gold ankh bracelet for women

Ninth J Harmony is a brand that has an array of products spanning many categories. From Ankh bracelets to their Afro Tie Bag, or even their Nandles flip-flops, Ninth J Harmony have you covered from head-to-toe. A brand that caters to everyone, their items are affordably priced and are excellent in quality too.

skincare samples

Consumers are becoming more conscious, wanting to know where and how products are made. This consciousness has arisen from the many nasty and harsh ingredients that are widely accessible and mass-produced, leaving consumers with little choice but to use these unsavoury products. Olive Shea Coco’s founders were at one point those same conscious consumers, and so they created The Signature Blend, a range of creams free from ingredients such as parfums and parabens. Instead, The Signature Blend is 100% vegan friendly, brimming with essential oils, and triple whipped to remove any residual nasties. 

african wax print makeup bag

Black-owned, and based in the UK, Omote Africa is a fashion store specialising in clothing featuring African prints. The shop has many types of items for you to discover, such as maxi-dresses, face masks, shoes, headwraps, and much more. That said, now that summer is here, we would recommend you check out the Mero African Print Off Shoulder Midi Dress and the Irene African Print Off Shoulder Midi Dress.

beautiful silver african american earrings

Named after the founder and chief designer, Payton, some of the most unique, individual, and illustrious garments come courtesy of PMT. Each item is handmade from start to finish, with the attention to detail second-to-none. All items are one of a kind, and as such, are premium in quality and price. If you’d like clothing that will undoubtedly turn heads, look no further than the PMT shop. 

coconut bangles for women

Offering a range of handmade jewelry, Ri’Kreated Kulture is one of the coolest brands you’ll find on Ebonyx. Of all the fabulous items you can find in their shop, the bracelets are some of their most elegant and most poignant pieces. Whether it be Royalty, Black Panther, or Wakanda, every bracelet has a cultural reference and message behind it. Bracelets start at just £4 and are an absolute bargain for the quality and craftsmanship on display. 

antique tribal silver earrings

While the Roccia Jewellery shop displays ubiquitous items such as the Ankh Symbol Necklace, they also have very unique goods that we haven’t seen anywhere else. We recommend checking out the Tribal Mask Pendant, and the African Bone Earrings With Giraffe Print earrings. Both earrings are strikingly elegant and traditionally African. Furthermore, the earrings not only look good but are made from gold plated brass making them very durable for many years. 

beautiful painting of a black females lips

Black women are beautiful and captivating, yet, depicting the black female form is an underexplored area in art. Realising this fact, Ruhkia of Ruhkiart has dedicated many hours of her time into drawing and beautifying the black female. “Her Lips in Summer” is a drawing of a black woman’s lips, highlighting the plump sexiness typical of the black female. On the other hand, “Our Garden” is an exploration of the black woman’s naked form set against a backdrop of a garden. Both pieces are phenomenal in detail and meaning and are timeless pieces to have in your home. 

ankara styled high heel shoes perfect for a night out on the town

There are many fashion designers, but most aren’t able to successfully combine aesthetics with quality in the way that Seabass has. As any fashionista knows, shoes are essential to getting an outfit looking right. It is uncommon to find shoes with unique style and character, with many looking similar. However, the Seabass collection manages to offer something different. Influenced by African wax prints and ankara styles, Seabass’ shoes are colourful and dazzling and are unlike most shoes. You can have a gander on their shop page to find high-heels like the Kente Queen Platform, or you can find wedges like the City Safari Buckle-up.

quinoa protein shampoor for afro textured hair

Our hair health is important, yet not many of us understand or appreciate how the things we consume daily can impact hair. Many products make misleading claims, duping unbeknownst customers into purchasing items that can be harmful, or at the very least, not be beneficial. However, SuperFoodLX Hair Wellness has your hair’s best interest at heart. Backed by scientific research, the brand specialises in dietary supplements and vitamins that promote hair, skin, & nail growth.

mango girl hair oil and serum

The Mango Girl is a cosmetics brand that has amassed great exposure in recent months, even landing features in Vogue and The Telegraph, and it is no surprise why. Founder Ava Brown, originally from Jamaica but now residing in Belfast, created The Mango Girl after struggling to find great skincare products. To keep your skin and complexion at it’s best, you need a combination of vitamins including Vitamin A, C, and E, all of which are found in the multitude of products including the Cucumber Cleanser, Whipped Hemp Body Butter, and the Vitamin Ace Facial Serum.

pretty relic bar necklace

Stylish, exceptional, and distinctive, Thea Smartt Henry has managed to combine beauty with practicality when it comes to their jewellery collection. The Batik Suspended Drop earrings and Yellow Stud Earrings are delightfully appealing, but it is the Relic Bar Neckpiece which is our favourite. Coloured in blue, the necklace is a striking piece of art and is reminiscent of the natural stones you can find in Africa.

black medium bristle wavebrush for men's afro textured hair

Grooming is just as important to men as it is to women. However, the beauty industry primarily caters to females with very little attention given to men’s grooming. Furthermore, when it comes to black men, there are even fewer options when it comes to grooming, and in particular, hair styling. For many black men, waves are formed naturally on the hair because the afro hair type is typically coarser and more tightly curled, causing the hair to form into waves when brushed. While some men see waves as a bonus, others take this seriously, pouring time and dedication into achieving 360 waves. That said, attaining 360 waves is no easy feat with the style achieved through a careful combination of the right oils, durags, and hairbrushes. When it comes to hairbrushes, the wavebrush is a type of hairbrush designed to unlock 360 waves all over the head. Head over to Tremaire today, a stockist of wavebrushes with a huge collection to shop.

black man wearing a saxophone t-shirt

Black culture and music are very closely intertwined, with genres like Jazz, Rock & Roll, EDM, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Afrobeats all tracing their roots to black people. Furthermore, black people have influenced fashion styles, such as streetwear, athleisure, and designerwear. However, rarely is music and fashion fused in a way that works well. For example, how many times have we seen those t-shirts ‘I love Hip-Hop’, and been cringed out? On the other hand, musical t-shirts that do work well are subtle without being cringe. TrishaKreations understands this delicate balance between cringe and acceptable, with their Saxophone Dread Gold t-shirt indistinctly depicting a dreadlocked black man playing the saxophone. Check out their shop page today to get more of this type of fashion. 

Your home is an extension of you and is often a way of showcasing your personality and style. That said, decorating the home can often be challenging with little things such as candles making a big difference. While they don’t actually sell any candles, TwoScents are a black-owned shop that creates accessories for the home such as their flagship product the Rene candle holder.

The hot pink is the african black soap while the white and light pink are shea butter. Both strawberry scented.

2020 has been a crazy year that no one could have predicted, and although the headlines feel mostly negative, there are some positive trends. One such is trend is people taking their overall cleanliness a lot more seriously. If you’re one of the unfortunate people who can’t find hand sanitisers anywhere, then good old soap is just as good, if not better. If you’re looking for affordable skin-friendly soaps, Uniique Soaps could be the shop for you. Customer favourites include the strawberry-scented Shea Butter & Black African Soap.

necklace with silver shells and big shell at the centerpiece

An Afro-Brazilian brand, Uzuri Acessorios has some of the most wonderful displays of necklaces found anywhere in the world. Big claims, but 100% justified. The Necklace Ashanti Silver is the perfect example of the brand’s design and creative ability. Coated in silver, the adjustable necklace is composed of five shells, with one larger shell placed prominently in the middle as a statement piece. Why not check out their other accessories on their shop page. 

grey oven glove with plantain detail

It is every woman’s dream to have the perfect kitchen, not only in size, tools, and functionality, but also in style. However, when we think of kitchen styling, we often think solely about the furnishings, but part of the styling are the accessories you choose. Makers of premium kitchenware and accessories, Village and Home have Okra and Plantain styled aprons, placemats, and coasters to elevate your kitchens aesthetics. 

blue ankara patterned handbag

A lot of artisans claim their products are handmade, but few are entirely handmade from start to finish. However, the bags you will find on the Wearmo shop page are the exception and exceptional at that. The bags exterior decorations are typically stitched in electric colours such as blue, yellow, and red with the patterns distinctly ankara styled. As each bag is handmade, there is only ever one of each item produced, making them super exclusive and well sought after. Snap yours up before they’re gone. 

red cut out africa earrings

While a lot of the jewellery showcasing African and Caribbean countries are similar, with the maps typically infilled and the finish in gold or silver, Zions-i is different. Instead, Zions-i takes influence from traditional African wax prints and has coloured their jewellery in glistening reds, blues, and yellows. The pendants and necklaces are excellent casual wear and look good on children too. 

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