5 Reasons to Wear a Headband

If you want just one accessory to complete any outfit, the headband should be your number one choice. Often overlooked, the face and head is a surprisingly great place to showcase your style and personality. When eyeing someone up, the first place we look at is people’s faces. Therefore, whatever you wear on your head will most likely be the first fashion item anyone sees. The problem is, there aren’t many things you can wear on your face or head, and if an item is worn, it is probably a head-tie, headscarf, or headband. If you want to make an excellent first impression, the headband may be the ideal way to do this, making it a popular choice. 

That aside, headbands are not only a fashion statement but can be super practical too. Here are 5 reasons for you to wear headbands.

Applying Makeup

There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a big night out, but your hair decides to do all it can to get in the way. Blushers ready, eyelashes waiting to be stuck on, the lipsticks excited to be applied – but there’s one problem – your hair wants in on the action. No matter what you do to move it away, that fringe keeps drooping over your face turning a 2-hour makeup session into three. We’ve all been there. No problem though, we’ve got the perfect solution – headbands! Headbands are the ideal way to keep that hair at bay. Wrap the headband around the forehead a couple of times and apply your makeup from the forehead downwards. Once all done, remove the headband and complete the rest of your makeup. You’ll be looking beautiful in no time. 


Festivals have exploded in popularity in recent years, with more than 5 million UK revelers attending a festival in 2019. 2020 was set to be even more popular until Covid-19 put a stop to everything. That said, many promoters will be looking to recoup lost times and revenues, with 2021 promising to be the biggest year yet. When things return to normal, everyone will go crazy, and as any hardcore festival-goer knows, excessive amounts of sweat is guaranteed. To stop the sweat from pouring into your eyes, you’ll undoubtedly need a headband. 

Sport and Exercise 

As mentioned already, headbands are a great way of stopping sweat trickling down your face and are especially useful when playing sport or exercising. Popular for sporting use in the 1970s, the headband has wained in use in more recent years, but we think you should get one. Imagine the embarrassment and despair of playing a competitive basketball game, your teams trailing behind by 1 point, and the ball is passed to you to make the slam dunk only for you to miss the shot because sweat dripped into your eyes and you couldn’t see—the dread. Don’t be that person, get a headband.


2020 has been a year of civic instability. Coronavirus, and politics aside, the Black Lives Matter protests have been the most significant talking point of the year. Worldwide, millions of people have been out in the streets protesting the shocking and heinous killings of George Floyd, Brienna Taylor, and countless other victims of systemic racism. If you are thinking of protesting, a straightforward way of showing support and solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement can be through wearing a customized headband that displays a message for the world to see.

Because They’re Great

Finally, get a headband simply because they look great in any situation. The headband can be part of a casual outfit, part of a formal ceremony, or sport. Regardless, the headband is an amazing item to have and should be a staple piece of anyone’s wardrobe. 

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