5 Celebrities in Ankara Print

For celebrities, their careers are usually dependant on staying in the limelight, grabbing headlines, and making a statement. Although there are many ways to make a statement, fashion pieces have always been a safe non-controversial way of grabbing the headlines. One way of really grabbing attention is to wear African wax print and Ankara styles. African wax print and Ankara styles are often beautiful statement pieces designed to attract attention. Ankara styles typically feature bold and bright colours such as orange, red, and yellow. These brighter colours are then contrasted with more subtle colours such as blues and black to accentuate those bolder colours. Intricate patterns and woven designs further make the Ankara styles stand out and are the perfect choice for celebrities trying to grab the headlines. Here is a list of celebrities who wore Ankara styles as their outfit of choice.  

Michele Obama

No one could wear and flaunt the African styles the same way that Michelle Obama can. The former First lady of the United States gleamed in her Ankara styled dress as she stepped out with her husband Barack Obama


Rhianna glows and exudes style in this beautiful Ankara styled dress. The contrast of the red and yellow with the distinctive horizontal patterns is typical of Ankara styled dresses.


Ankara styles and wax prints are not only for women, with many men also wearing the style. The US rapper Jidenna has African roots and can often be seen wearing Ankara prints as a way to pay homage to his forefathers.

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Beyonce Knowles is arguably the biggest fashion icon and influencer in the world and so when she was seen wearing this green Ankara styled dress with an interwoven design it was guaranteed to make a strong impression with many people discovering the beauty of Ankara prints.

Beyoncé Leaving "1 OAK " Nightclub In NYC 31.10.2015

John Boyega

John Boyega came to worldwide prominence after he was cast to star in the 2015 film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although he has come a long way from his Peckham roots, he has never forgotten his roots. Here you can see him in his traditional Ankara styled African dress for the Rise of Skywalker premier.

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